Customer service on C2?

Hi, I sincerely believe C2 people are hardworking and genuinely care about customers, and that C2 is an innovative and valuable service. However I need to know what level of customer support we can expect, especially with urgent trade-related issues.

Four days ago I had a trade placed in my account by error: the signal provider had not made a trade, yet it showed up in my Open Positions under the system name, and was placed in my brokerage account. I immediately contacted C2 via email Help marked URGENT. So far I have not received a response of any kind to multiple requests. The trade sits in my brokerage account with limited ability to manage or close it.

Can we expect better assistance and communications in the future? If there are system-related issues with C2 I think they should be communicated to users openly and transparently. Maybe the auto-reply email to Help queries can have a return link if it is an urgent trade-related issue like this one IS.


We have been communicating with your broker on your behalf.

Basically, the issue you saw was this: the C2 trading system you were following opened a position in a September-expiring contract. The C2 trading system closed the position. We attempted to close the position in your OpenECry account.

OpenECry, your broker, rejected all our attempts to close this position. They said the contract was not tradable because it was too close to expiration.

We tried to close the contract several dozen times, and each time your broker rejected our attempts. Each time we received a rejection from your broker, we sent you an email asking you to contact your broker directly.

You wrote to me on Friday asking me to look into this. My team has been trying to communicate with your broker on your behalf, to ask why they would not allow us to close a position, but they have told us they would investigate. I have received no definitive answer yet.

I apologize, Janice – I should have given you interim status updates while we waited for your broker to answer our emails. But while we do wait for the final answer, probably the best thing to do is for you to communicate directly with your broker and ask them why they prevented you from closing a position in an expiring contract.

In the interim, my team will continue to communicate with OpenECry too. When we get any sort of answer, we’ll let you know.

Again, I am sorry I did not answer immediately. That was bad service. I was waiting for OEC response, so I could have accurate info, but I should have let you know this.


Matthew, thanks for this note, apparently the position is closed. The signal provider does not show a record of opening this trade though: is it that the signal provider tried to open a trade on an expiring contract, couldn’t, but somehow it got executed just in my account?

Two suggestions: a link for urgent trade-related issues on the auto-respond page for C2 Help; and a checkbox on system signup that says “no matter what only I or the signal provider should be able to open & close trades”. The second covers a situation like Triple Play, where I had unsubscribed but elected to “manage trades myself” but they got closed anyway.

Keep trying, C2 is a great concept that just needs refining IMO.

Is there a “help” or “contact” button anywhere on this site? I’ve been digging around for hours and can’t find a “contact” . I want to adjust my take profit points as I add to my positions and can’t even find an edit button to do that. I’ve already done it on my real account with my broker FXCM . I tried downloading the interface to manually trade it but just get “error” messages on that site. It shouldn’t be this hard to place simple trades and then manually make adjustments as needed. Also my system is paid for and been up 2-3 days but yet to show up on the grid or through search. [LINKSYSTEM_77367197]