C2 is not working

Hello! Now I have some problems with Webtrader. He does not work. It does not allow me to choose a contract for trade and place an order. Please explain why so?

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On mobile version he also not working.

I already missed 4 opportunities because of this and it looks like I have been waiting these trades for all December.
Last week two stop (stop losses) orders didn’t fill, I got additional loss.
Something wrong with C2. It charges us on every step but can not ensure the stable operation of the service.
Support tells: “We fixed”.
But what about losses because stops didn’t fill? What about compensation? (This is a rhetorical question)

What’s go on?


Yes, Daniil, You are right on 100%. Now I am missing a positions, maybe they will be good deals, which I also wait more than one hour or a day. Or about stop orders…
Please, C2 tell us, what is the problems with softs?

Now is Webtrader is turn on.