C2 orders delayed 30 mins

I added to a few positions of mine through the c2 control panel and the orders didn’t fill till 30 mins later on IB. This was done at night US west coast time. Has anyone else experienced huge delays like this? If the market will moving fast this could be a major problem.


We are disconnected from IB from midnight to 1:05AM every day while they perform maintenance.

Interesting , so system developers shouldnt send signals at these times , is that ET ?

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That would be best if their subscribers trade at IB.

Yes, it is New York time.

In their website it says 11:45 - 00:45 ET .

Francis, I you are trading e-minis and have an open order with a stop loss to sell, what happens if the stop is triggered during the time that IB is doing their daily maintenance, but when they go back live, the condition that triggered the stop no longer applies?

In that case, is the stop loss still executed, since it was triggered (but no longer is) or is the price checked against the stop loss price at the time IB is done with maintenance and then it wouldn’t be triggered?



Assuming you are referring to orders in your IB brokerage account, I believe the order will be actually be held at the exchange and fill there even if IB is doing maintenance, but it may depend on the product so you should ask your broker for clarification.