Interactive brokers AutoTrading during 0000-0108 EST

I am publishing a system that trades Nifty futures on SGX (Singapore Exchange).

The system is active during 0915 IST to 1530 IST. Unfortunately this overlaps with the IB reset time, during which c2 is unavailable for a long duration than the actual IB reset time and hence customers get a different fill.

My question to @MatthewKlein are

  1. why is the outage about 1 hour? My personal experience is about 2-3 minutes around 0030 EST. 1 hour seems too much and alters the performance, can this outage be improved?
  2. can this outage be overcome (i,e moved to a different time) if customer has account in Asian server ? (IB reset time is different for accounts on Asian server. It’s around 0830 EST)

General question to everyone - are you aware of a broker other than IB where SGX Nifty futures can be traded?


Hi Eva,
Acquire any new information regarding the 60m reset at C2?

Unfortunately no. I hope @MatthewKlein replies to this here since this should be of general interest for all

Pls text Mathew K on C2 messenger directly

We’ve confirmed again with Interactive Brokers that they cannot change this daily account maintenance period, unfortunately. While it’s not ideal (I agree: a smaller time window would be better), I want to reassure you that C2’s account re-synchronization process will handle things like this, and will re-sync any account affected when the broker comes back online.

thanks @MatthewKlein for the update and for contacting IB regarding the same. Unfortunate that they can not make it better.
Could you also please comment on question 2)

what i meant to ask by 2) is - how C2 responds to autotrading accounts of customers whose accounts are on asian server? do they experience outage at the same time or according to the asian schedule of IB reset time?

Hi @EvaRossmann, all IB accounts connected to Collective2 are done so through the same API, so regardless of where the account is located the outage will be at the same time.

Thanks for the update. At the moment, the system sends only market orders. (i.e even stops come as market orders and if this stop loss market order comes during the outage, C2 waits until outage is over before sending the market order ). How would it work if I attach a stop loss order associated with the long / short signal? Can the problem associated with outage be overcome with this?

Any update on this, please? Would such a stop loss order held at c2, or would it be already sent to the broker as soon as I issue it?

General question to all - are you aware of any C2 supported broker other than IB who provides SGX Nifty Futures?

Generally stop orders are held at C2, due to the limitations imposed by brokers in the context of trading multiple strategies in one brokerage account. The Interactive Brokers shutdown window is something we are unable to change. It is imposed by IB. So, while it’s not the best possible scenario, stop orders triggered during the broker shutdown window will get executed after the window, even if you generate them before the window begins.

ok , thanks for update. So the limitation will be a bottleneck during that outage hour for auto-trading IB customers :frowning: