Unable to place order

Does C2/IB somewhat disable the network between 11:00 pm Ct and 1:00 am? I recall It happened another time in the past at the same time. I am able to place my orders on the C2 network however they are never sent to IB. I am trying to trade SI-ES. The only odd thing that I did few hours ago was to close manually some currencies I had in my account as results of trades placed with non US stocks. (action that have disable the autotrading but that I quickly turned on again) Does this thing happens to others as well? THX!

IB does not process C2 orders placed between 11 PM CST to around 12:20 AM CST. It happened to me several times in my investor accounts. What I heard is that IB servers stay down for maintenance or something.

Thanks. I am aware of this issue at IB, however I am able to place manually right now my order through TWS. The problem is that if the order is filled, I get after a discrepancy between my strategy at C2 and my account at IB. However, I do not have idea what the C2 engine will do with that “external” open position once the autotrading engine is turned on again.

It looks is back to normal although there is a noticeable delay in some circumstances…

IB servers are offline for maintenance during that time period.
You can still place order with IB though, it just C2 will see it with significant time delay, which might cause significant slippage.
I would just advise not placing orders during that time period.