C2 Policy


For some reason Free doesn’t feel right. Is it possible to have a monthly fee posted and also give away coupons to get it for free for several months?

Hello Steven,

You can definitely do that. You can choose the pay per period model (with or without a free trial) and create a coupon only for new subscribers. You can also create custom billing arrangements (reduced price, free month, etc.) for already subscribed customers. You can do all these in the Subscriber Management page.

Let me know if you need further help.

- Alen


Hey, you are prettier than Mathew (;-)) Thanks for the info.

Hi Alen,

Is it true that when I create a coupon code, this same code can be applied to one system as well as the next from one vendor account?




Hello Gilbert,

True. If you have more than one trading system on C2, you can offer the coupon code to new subscribers of your other systems.

- Alen