Why subscribe when you can trial non stop?

Hi, im new to C2. i came to this site from a twitter trader i follow. My first trial period is over, during the trial period all trade was emailed to me. Today my trial period is over, i just subscribed again under the trial period.

Wont i able to do this non stop and avoid paying real subscription fees ? or create a new account to subscribe trial period non stop.

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From help@collective2.com when a related question was put to them:

On occasion, we are asked about subscribers who come to a trading strategy and then unsubscribe just as the free-trial period ends. This does indeed happen.
First, some perspective
We know your strategy is precious to you, and you want to protect your intellectual property. We do too. Remember that C2 earns money when you earn money from subscriptions, so we want to protect your strategy too – not only because it benefits us financially, but because it is also the proper way to run a business.
Before we go any further, let me stress that we really really really do not think many people sit around trying to steal trading signals from strategy developers. Really. The truth is, anyone that has a funded trading account at a broker (i.e. typically starts at $25,000, but our typical customer is about $250,000 or more) … does not sit around spending his or her time figuring out how to “steal” trading signals, all to save a hundred dollars or so. In other words, the typical user of C2 does not need to go through the hassle of subscribing, and resubscribing, and setting up fake aliases… acquiring multiple email addresses… and acquiring multiple credit cards… and moving from one user-identity to user-identity. It really just does not happen.

one major point for your question jennifer is that only as a paid subscriber can you use c2 to auto trade. i can tell you its worth it…otherwise you must be keeping an eye on each and every trade yourself, all the time.
IMO a subscription is a massive blessing because you are essentially employing a pro to do the work for you…and you can intervene when you choose.

there always a way to create freebies in life, but is it worth the hassle??


with all due respect to the dev’s at C2, I feel this response doesn’t cut it. As an administrator of a pretty successful trading signal & education service for over 6 years now I can tell you first hand free trial abuse is a major issue that we contend with on a regular basis. Although it’s almost impossible to completely eliminate this issue completely as users always have the ability to create new email addresses, new accounts, etc - a simple check preventing past subscribers to a specific system from receiving a trial multiple times really would go a long way.
From a dev perspective, I’m not sure why a simple token can’t be defined in the user db identifying the strategies the user has trialed which can be checked when the user subs each time. No token? User receives trial. But if the token is present, then the trial is bypassed and the user is billed automatically.
Once again - this doesn’t completely eliminate the issue of free trial abuse, but it does offer at least a proactive effort to prevent it.
Regarding the last line of their response, “It really just does not happen.” - Clearly it does, otherwise the OP wouldn’t have posted. :wink:

This check is already in place. User with the same account is not able to get second trial. But how this token prevent same user with new account from use of repetitive trials?

We do this already. When a customer “uses” a free trial for a strategy, his available free trial days for that strategy is decremented, whether he pays or not.

Example: Strategy A offers a free trial of 30 days. User #1 tries it for 15 days, then unsubscribes. Now if he chooses to re-subscribe later, he only has a 15-day trial remaining.

There is a 90-day lookback period.


OK. I am confused. The original poster said ‘My first trial is over. I just subscribed again under a free trial.’ Is she wrong?

Exchange means, protecting both sides. I am investor, I rather pay $$$ for good strategy than shitty ones on trail. I am sure, most serious investor’s won’t care about few hundred dollars or will never abuse a developer of good system. Simulated Account is not the same as “Broker Account” transactions. I normally test a strategy in simulated account for 1 or 2 days (if system generate daily signals) and then test in Actual Broker Account to see slippage, etc. especially that’s true for Forex Trading or Options.

May be someone with few hundred dollar in his/her account trying to be free loader but most serious investors will never abuse the developer. When I get coupon promotions for a strategy, it makes me laugh :slight_smile:

I am not looking for discount, I am looking for good strategy (system). Good system will payoff it’s monthly cost in fraction of transaction.

Build good system and people (Investor) will be happy to pay, just like anything else in life.


I’m sure she is wrong, it doesn’t work this way.

Well said, I agree. Thanks.

How come it’s working for me? My trial just ran out, I hit resubscribe, I didn’t get any error message, and continue to get email alerts from that strategy.

That is one of the reasons **

WUGOT * straa tegy has decided not offer free trial anymore. Either you like it or not. Either you take it or not.
If you see the results, you like them, you will choose to subscribe or not at your own risk still.
However, serious trader will not go to all of this for only $150 a month when you can make that in one single trade.

Lejeune Bauvil, for Wugot strategy.

Hi, Vix -

I looked up the audit trail for how you re-subscribed, and - lo and behold! - I indeed see that you did so. I have closed this “back door” and now free-trial-limits should be respected again.

By the way, I was incorrect when earlier in this thread I said the look-back period was 90 days. It is actually 180 days. Meaning: now - after this fix - you cannot re-trial a system if you’ve used up your trial within the past 180 days.


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It is an interesting argument - I am about to launch a system here that trades on average 12 times a month for autotrading only… I am thinking having read many posts that no-free trial is the way to avoid a lot of churn. Good trading to all

Very interesting question , lets assume you have a trading account with 5.000$ follow one strategy with a trial period of 7 days , in this 7 days you gain almost 2.500$ in profits less or more , then why would you make another trial period ? It’s not that hard to pay … 200$ for example if a strategy really makes you money then why do you refuse to pay for it ? Think that you are copying someone’s work … and that man’s work is not for free , if you profit from it i think you should give back !

Thank you

It’s just the way a lot of people are. Today people want free stuff… food, college, housing… and stock picks.

Totally agree with you , but when you get something free and you see it makes you money , why shouldn’t you pay for it and continue to find ways to cheat and get it for free even more , ok maybe 7 days it’s not enough to convince you , but if in 7 days you make 500$ and the subscription is 50$ then i think you can give it a try , better than focusing your mind on ways to cheat you can focus and think if it really deserves paying 50$/month … this is real greed , and i agree with you , people want everything for free , but when they get it free they want even more for free …

Totally agree with you all. One of my strategy went up 100% in 3 days, so I finally caught some attention. Of course now I get PM asking for discounts or coupon codes, because they believe 7 days trial period is too short. But it’s $59 per month, after paying c2 and PayPal. It’s almost pro bono to the trader…