C2 Score Question

I’m new to C2 and I don’t understand the swings in the C2 score for my system.
Within days it swing from 66 to 96 while the system statistics are about the same.
What would cause this wild swing?


The C2 Score is a percentile-based calculation, and one significant component within its calculation is strategy age. So younger strategies will effectively be penalized, and their scores will be highly variable. As time passes, your score will rise just by virtue of surviving, and will become less variable as age becomes a less significant component of total score, and things like actual performance become more significant.

Thanks for the clarification

This does not appear to be the case. My strategies are older than 65% of the strategies listed, and I still get daily fluctuations between scores in the 90’s and scores in the 60’s when my systems are are all time highs. This makes no sense.