C2 Trade Results are more realistic than Instagram

Fortunately, I have access to see live trading room and able to see track trading records at C2. However, if I see through his IG, it shows glamours profit but if I look at his trading records C2, there is no way this guy can afford high end lifestyle with only rely on that trading. What I’m 100% sure, all his subscribers are loosing money. I prefer to see any strategies that has been in here for more than 1 year with manageable in DD and good returns. Only a few strategies are still exist

What drawdowns and annual profit returns are you looking for?

I’m comfortable with DD less than 15 % and consistent net profit monthly between 10-15%. I’m not looking extreme performance and followed by extreme DD. I have seen many traders with extreme profit like 1st and second months , after that strategy attracts many investors, the performance becomes conservative or loosing.

Unfortunately what you are looking for doesn’t exist on C2 and IMO never will. Strategies that have been here over 3 years are well under those returns. If one were to start with $10,000 and consistently make 10% a month or 100% a year in returns you would have over $600,000 in 5 years and almost $10,000,000 in 10 years. If someone can do that why would they care about offering their strategy on C2 when sub fees would feel like peanuts compared to those returns. IMO those annual returns unsustainable therefore unrealistic. You would have to use extreme leverage and be right every time in your trading decisions to make that happen. The best I’ve heard of was the Medallion Hedge Fund that does around 60% a year, but has been closed to new investors for many years. This is a genuine question, why do you think 10% a month with low drawdowns is realistically achievable consistently?


I have seen some traders like Rob Hoffman and Mark Minervini performs that way in live trading event. Basically, they are able to manage the DD if something against they trades before the loss become bigger and let open positions if that profitable with thrilling stops. Absolutely, they are not interested in here and doesn’t bother to manage clients’s accounts.

This is another trader who trades today. I believe this account was $50k beginning this January. I heard , he wants to open autotrade. One of his partners has already exist at C2. I’m not sure if he wants to follow his partner to open autotrade at C2.

Therefore, genuine questions for you, what is practical at C2 for DD and Return per month?

This is a difficult question the give a definitive answer to. If you look at the Old Timers list you will see the returns and DD of active strategies that have been around a while. Here are a few things that hinders some traders on C2 from performing their best. C2 does not allow multi leg orders on options so you cannot do spreads in a single order. Many successful traders may incorporate spreads to limit risk and or limit the capital requirements for a trade they are interested in. I opened a VIX options put debit spread this morning in my personal account. I did it as a spread to reduce the IV premium so when the IV crush comes it doesn’t effect me much. Another thing is C2 does not offer some micro futures products nor futures options products. I use those all the time in my personal account. If I could use MNQ or NQ futures options on here instead of QQQ for the short strangle strategy it would use significantly less buying power and you could leverage up the trade or just use the capital for other products. 100% gain year are possible for solid traders, but how long can they keep it us without or even with a sizable drawdown? Are those traders you named cherry picking and only showing the good stuff, who knows? We have been in a crazy bull market for many years, but it won’t be like this indefinitely. I think a 50% return with a 25% drawdown average for 10+ years is achievable here on C2 for a solid trader. If you want to have higher returns then you have to learn how to trade that can possibly produce those. I would suspect those exceptional returns are from those who know how to day trade and scalp futures and or options very well. What ever you choose I wish you well and good luck.


everybody is rich and can make 100k per trade on instagram.
but disappears from c2 in couple month or so with the losses. :rofl:


Any strategy that can go through an entire market cycle (usually about 7 years) and achieve a CAGR of greater than 10% and a MAR (CAGR/Max Drawdown) of greater than 1, is doing very well in my opinion. You won’t find many of these anywhere because it is incredibly difficult. But these are the type of numbers for which I would look. And if the strategy is uncorrelated with the market, then you have found gold.


you believe pictures on Instagram? are you serious? you calculate each live session and control if they delete recorded video with losses and left only profitable?

Since this thread has received some traction, I want to let readers know that I edited the original title of the post. The original posting user titled this thread: “There is a discrepancy between trade records at C2 and real life.”

Which sounds vaguely ominous. Discrepancies are generally bad, especially in the trade-result-reporting business.

However, what the original poster actually meant to say was that C2’s own result-tracking on this web site seemed more accurate (i.e. less amazingly profitable) than a trader’s purported results as they were promoted on Instagram (not promoted by C2, but rather by the trader, outside of C2).

Since the thread’s original title could be taken to mean that C2 introduced a bad kind of “discrepancy,” I edited the title to the current one.

Just wanted to alert readers that I did so.



I would say Instragram results can be cherry picked. Once a instragram trader comes onto C2, especially when their strategy has autotraders, what you see is actual trading results from followers. Actual fills are used. Losing trades cannot be ignored. I wouldn’t say there’s any discrepency. It’s just that Instragram results may likely not be complete (poster won’t post losing trades for example), or they can be cherry picked to a good period, or many other ways. So you can’t even compare the two.