Can not activate the trade of limit buy

Anyone else has this problem? The price goes lower than my limit buy . But it is no executed.

Yes, I had the same problem yesterday with a limit order to buy the @VXF8 VIX contract.

The limit order should have been executed immediately, but it never executed.

I’m still waiting for an answer from C2.


Try to do it manually. I believe C2 will fix it very quickly.

I missed one last night and thought I had a type. :):joy::joy::joy:

Hello Tao Li,

We have found the source of the problem. Limits and stops that were not previously recognized will be recognized and filled at the correct price.


P.S. Jim: I just responded to your email with the same information.

Thanks sweety! Let me try it out. If there is not reply, it means everything is OK.

Thanks Alen!

I see that it was just corrected.