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Can subscribers abuse the "free trial"?

I was wondering. Can someone take advantage of a free trial by changing emails every 14 days therefore never having to pay?

Remember , most investors in here subscribe Autotrade and it connects only one email address and one acct at IB , etc.

If the customer uses different email address to abuse free trials, he or she must do execute manually into his/her acct. I believe, most people do not like to do manual trades. Most investors in here are not familiar with trading.

I believe , C2 has some protection like many games developers, they can detects if any players want to play by using multiple acct for cheat in one particular game. People can create many email but the IP address is only one. This is all about cyber security at C2

Let say, people are able to abuse free trials. Please tell me which model generates a good profit in long term ?
Most models at C2 are generating good profit only :

  1. In the first 2 -5 months
  2. In one direction market
  3. When there is no subscribers
    My point is people who abuse for free trial, his / her real account is not profitable in long run.

I would agree with your general point, but there are some strategies on here that have a longer track record than 5 months and are profitable :slight_smile:

regards B48ES

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