Can we do it like this

I do trading with my broker account and autotrade my C2. At the same time the C2 autotrades the subscribers.

Any one knows the answer?

Emailed to C2 a couple of times. Never been answered…
Anyone else wants to have this feature as I do?

There is nothing stopping you from AutoTrading someone else’s strategy, and being a trade leader yourself, in the same brokerage account.

Matt, thanks for the answer. My understanding is if I TOS my strategy, I will input all the trades on C2. This will trigger all the trading on my broker and the subscriber’s accounts. The question I have is can I input the trading on my broker account and then trigger the trading on my C2 simulation account and the subscriber’s accounts? Are the C2 and my broker account cross controlled? I have this questions because it is more convenient for me to input the trades on my broker account since I trade a lot.

Are you looking for this ?

Yes buddy. This is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for sharing.
I am using It looks this broker is not supported. :pensive: