Few Top Systems for your Portfolio

The last 6-7 months have been a solid test for many systems. The rigorous risk management employed ensured the systems went relatively unscathed and sitting at or near the peak.

Please find below the list of systems offered by me

NQ quickie is a Short term momentum strategy that is build to capture quick moves on NQ trading 2 contracts per trade

NQ positional is a swing system that trades two substrategies trading one contract each.

MNQ Combo is a combination of long term swing and short term swing strategies. Trades max 10 MNQ contract (equivalent to 1 NQ)

Mischmasch mainly consists of day trading strategies with only 1 NQ contract for overnight position. Max contract at a given time during cash market hours is 5 NQ

Nifty India Futures is a combination of swing and day trade on Indian Nifty Futures traded on SGX

Long - Short day trading strategy in oil futures.

positional strategy that trades TQQQ trying to capture the longer term momentum in Nasdaq on the long side

A positional medium term strategy that trades TQQQ trying to capture the medium term momentum in Nasdaq

MNQ Day trader is a recent system that trades long short 10 MNQ intra-day.

Trades TQQQ short term. Exposure time is about 10-15% of the overall cash market hours which means the system spends most of the time in cash. An excellent system that is built with risk management at its core and where leverage is capped by the very definition of TQQQ giving you peace of mind.

None of them are get-rich-quick schemes, but patience will most likely be rewarded well. In case of interest, or further questions, please message me. Thanks

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It is very impressive that each system you posted about a year ago in the forums is positive this year!

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thanks for the appreciation. On top of risk management, have been quite lucky as well as to not encounter any adverse big gaps (may there was just 1 such occasion) , especially in the positional systems.

In any case, patience is a key virtue (no pun intended :slight_smile: ) as my systems usually count on occasional big winners

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