Charts don't seem to match results?

I downloaded the CSV file (C2_65168278.CSV) for ‘Venters AUD/NZD’ and charted the accumulated profits. My Excel chart didn’t seem to match the published C2 chart for that system. For example, the final total accumulated profit in the CSV is $8,212 compared with $10,721 in the C2 stats. Why this difference? Thanks.


The difference is due to commissions/fees which C2 shows in the chart. On the chart (and the CSV file you download) we include AutoTrade fees of $0.50 per 10,000 currency units. The raw number profit you are referring to – $10,721 – does not include these fees. Indeed, if you add the quantity row of the CSV file, and then multiple that by $1 per round turn, you’ll see the fees equal the missing amount.