New site appearance

Thank you Matthew for making the site so much easier on the eyes now.

Would it be possible to consider some more changes:

1) It has been previously suggested that when a loss appears to only print the results in the profit/loss column in red - to show the whole "bloody" (I hope this does not violate the decency standard) line in red is a little bit too much.

2) It also has been previously suggested that in My Analyst the names of commentators with high credentials are way too big and occupy too much space, making scrolling through the page more cumbersome. I am sure there is a subtler way to indicate that.

3) I also remember comments that line charts are much preferred over mountain charts - I would fully agree with that.

Maybe you want to ask for a polling of those issues.



Oops, I had the page accidentally enlarged at 125% - at least I know now how the readability can be easily improved.

The other three points still stand.

I would like to add:

1. New forum software (vbulletin or something for free: phpBB)

2. New private messages module (together with the forum software)

3. Full HTML support for system description. (either through HTML or an editor)