Old vs new system review


Choosing the “new” system review over the “old” one is a major disappointment. What exactly was the harm in having both? Both offered great info. Not that you’d ask this client, but if one had to choose one over the other, the “old” one would get my vote.

great things i miss about the old system:

1. can one still add multiple systems to a chart to see how they might do together? if yes, i haven’t been able to figure out how.

2. Where, exactly, does one find the system developer name so one can indeed search their name for all their old systems? It’s nowhere to be seen (or at least nowhere found by me) in the new version.

3. The old system offered suggestions for compatible systems. The new system doesn’t.

Please don’t get me wrong. The new system has neat stuff too. It uses real data adjusted for commissions and fees. much better. it offers much more trade analysis, though more than i need/use frankly.

so, back to the original question. why not offer both?

We can’t support both page formats for a variety of technical reasons which are… well, technical. (Different site frameworks, incompatibility between the new site framework which is now used on the majority of the site and the old framework, inability to localize language, deprecated 3rd-party libraries, cost of supporting both from a development and service point-of-view, etc.)

The time has come, therefore, for a final goodbye to the old format. It served us well, and we send it off with fond respect.

But I promise: I’ll try to add some of the things that you miss from the old format into the new format over time.


thanks, Mathew,

where does one find the system developer name? i truly can’t find it anywhere on your site. is this an oversight, or the new plan?

Thanks Doug for your reply to my similar post. I too am having the same problem with the system developers names. I tried one name that I knew in the upper right search box and nothing came up.

I would like to see the chart’s footprint narrowed. Many an equity “curve” gets rendered more like a equity horizon

Hey look I’m not the only one!


Where does the new format show collected dividends?

I cannot find either the total amount of paid dividends, or the drop-down list of collected dividends.