Closing a system

How do you close a system that is not generating active signals

I see an option for ‘Kill’ but not for Close

Hello Nitin,

I have replied to you via ticket 1681.

- Alen

Alen - please share this information with the broader group, if you could. Others with now-dormant systems (like me) have yet to figure this out.

Hello Kevin,

We still cannot delete any systems from the database (part of the rules of the game we need to support for regulatory and compliance reasons). The "kill" option remains.

But if you kill the system, you will be able to close positions without a listing fee.

Hope this helps.

- Alen

Well, my issue is that a “killed” system continues to be charged a monthly fee ad infinitum - that makes no sense if no one can trade it anymore. It would be very helpful to simply stop subtracting the monthly fee and treat a killed system as exactly that - killed.

Kevin, check with Matthew. I have a killed system and it doesnt charge. It shouldn’t.

Please review Pangolin D - it appears that even though the system was closed out last year there are still fees being applied. This happens to lots of systems here, and should be on the to-do list to get fixed. Thanks.

Just change the fees to $0 .

Tried but it looks like once a system is killed you would need to pay the listing fee again to change the subscription cost. Alen, is that correct?

Obviously that makes no sense.

Just tried that on one of my killed systems , it works , go to edit and change the sub fees …

He’s talking about the listing fee, not subscriber fee.

I don’t see how ?!

I don’t see how ?!

I don’t see how ?!

There was a delay in resetting the fee. TSH’s approach works but seems cumbersome. C2 should simply stop charging the subscription fee to any killed system. Easy Peasy.


I am confused. You say “you will be able to close positions without a listing fee.” I just went to kill one of my systems, which I have not traded nor paid the listing fee for a long time, and the message I received was that I “would NOT be able” to close out that position if I kill the system. The system is at an all time high (up 178 percent since inception) and since it also cannot be removed from view here, I’d like to leave it behind at its high. Thank you for your help.