The Cost of


I would like to kill a system in which I left a pair trade open for tracking purposes, since I was planning to let the system go dormant and discontinue paying its listing fee. [LINKSYSTEM_36738486]

However, reading the “Kill” page, it implies that I may have to pay the system listing fee just to close the final trades, just so I can kill the system and keep it from dragging my track record down. Am I correct?

So, my follow-on question is… when I kill the system, will the final positions be closed, stopping the continuing performance drag on my C2 score?

For the longest time last year, this system did not influence my C2 score since it was dormant, and i stopped paying the listing fee. Then, within the past few months, my C2 score dropped significantly.

Am I correct that changes to the C2 score calculation regarding dormant systems has now penalized me for letting the system go dormant, instead of ‘killing’ it?

I believe you can close positions for systems without needing to pay the listing fee.