Clossing Inconsistencies

If you check the last transaction for EURJPY in Zip4x strategy. It took 1 hour delay from the developer closed his positions. C2 system failed many times for this particular issue. It seems, there is no action and improvement from C2 to prevent critical execution. TIME IS MATTER and CRUCIAL. 99% subscribers closed 1 hour delay and also the new open position was delay 1 hour.
I believe all subscribers are furious how C2 systems failed to closed and opened position in time manner.
I lost a great profit $1,800 because this issue. This LOSS IS NOT HYPOTHETICAL RESULT.

Speaking from my experience, from the last issue related this similar case.
I tried to closed position manually through C2 website but the system was failed I was not able to closed the position.
I went to IB platform and closed manually but in reality , the system was not only closed the positions the but also create a new positions.
For example: I ordered sell to close open position 200,000 in EURUSD but in reality , the system generated not only sell to close position 200,000 in EURUSD but also generated a new position sell to open 200,000 in EURUSD

My point is a subscriber knew if he has to close the position because C2 system failed to closed position in time manner, but if a subscriber close the position, he will have an experience like I had been through.

How C2 systems can prevent this matter in the future. Will you fixed this issue or you prohibits the developer to close his strategy during the midnight in US time?

Definitely the issue is not from the developer’s side at all.

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Recently, the strategy developer for Zip4x expressed frustration because of a one-hour trade delay between the time he issued a trade at C2 and the time the trade occurred in subscribers’ Interactive Brokers accounts.

This is not a Collective2 issue. The reason for this delay is as follows. Interactive Brokers (IB) has an approximate one-hour shut down window every night on our FIX connection between midnight and 01:00 AM ET. This is the time when they reset their database each trading day and update positions within our FIX connection. During this time, positions are indeterminate.

We love Interactive Brokers and think they have incredible technology. We have been requesting for some time that IB decrease the length of time of this shutdown window. We will continue to work with them and encourage them to do so. For now, we can only work within the technology constraints of our broker partners. We’ll continue to encourage IB to decrease this nightly maintenance period. We’ll keep you posted on any progress.


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Hello-- Is there a downtime window schedule published anywhere for these broker interfaces? Also, if the interface is unavailable, maybe there should be an error message or a warning that pops up when the system developer tries to enter a trade via the order entry screen. Just my suggestion. Charise

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Well, the issue is that every broker has a different daily shutdown window. And strategy developers can have subscribers from multiple brokers. So some subscriber accounts may be locked while others are not. (All accounts, no matter which broker, are brought back into sync by AutoSync technology, but there can be a delay during the shutdown period.)

Not insurmountable issues, but a little complicated from a user-interface / informational perspective. I think the best course of action is to post the shutdown windows on the site, so that people can at least be aware of them. Coming soon.