CME forex futures

Does anyone know how is possilble C2 updates forex prices once every 30 minutes more or less?

at 8:42 jym6 is trading at 0.8955 and C2 states 0.8933 at 08:26.

This is no good.

andrea giorgi


C2 does not show real-time prices on your positions page, because we are not allowed to. However we use real-time prices internally to simulate and analyze trades.

This is very clearly stated in many places across the site.

So I guess the same explanation holds when i ask why an order (placed at market) on JYM6 exactly at 9:00 has still to be filled at 9:08.

No. If you place an order at the market (and the markets are open) then the order should be filled immediately, while you watch. (There are rare instances where it might get queued up and processed in a minute or two, but those are unusual.) Please email me details about the particular trade that was delayed for eight minutes. I’ll look into it.