Trading data delayed?

Why the trading data is delayed now?

it is said that:

If you are a strategy developer here on C2, we generally assume you will have your own access to whatever data you need to make trading decisions.

After position is open, I will need to monitor the performance in real time to decide if any early close is necessary… looking everything from broker is so troublesome especially if you have more than 1 strategy, (PL in IB for FOREX is so messed up also)!!! We paid listing fee, auto-trading fee already and we need to pay for data fee now…

I was met this morning with a notice about delayed data. Is this a permanent situation? It is quite confusing. When I close a trade or set a stop limit, etc., I assume that C2 is monitoring the real time price from your data feed, and not referencing the delayed price? And why, I might ask, do you have access to real-time data but can’t display it to developers or subscribers? Did I miss an earlier announcement about this?

Internally we use real-time data to fill your model account and to determine when stops are limits are filled.

When we display data, we show delayed quotes.


Why do we delay it for 20 mins? It is a true disaster when you are trading real money happily looking at the delayed data when you thought you are winning while you never noticed any sudden swing and made any decision quick enough… It is just disaster for both of developers and subscriber… How expensive can it be? Even the quote from yahoo might be good enough without delaying 20 mins!

Is this a new policy? I received a terrible fill this AM on a stop loss (which I reported), and am wondering if it might be related to delayed vs real-time data.

And if this is new, I don’t recall seeing any announcements warning users that this was scheduled to kick in.

Your fill is not related to this in any way.

We use real-time data internally when filling your strategy.


Mathew, was there ever a system wide announcement of this change prior to it occurring?


We hope to be able to offer real-time data packages integrated into C2 accounts in the near future. For now, we assume (and always have assumed) that strategy developers have access to their own real-time data. (I know this is inconvenient, which is why we’re going to work on integrating a data option into C2.)

For now, though, the main thing is that we need to make sure real-time data use licensing is respected.


Looking forward to seeing the real-time data option.

This was a pretty big change to spring on everyone.


Let me rephrase this.

Is the drawdown per position taking the delayed quotes into the calculation?

If a positions 20 minute delay is different then the position being opened, are the draw down calculations performed based on the real time data or by the 20 minute delayed data?

My position opened in /CL shows instant drawdown of $1500 because the price delay is that much different even though the position is flat. Will that $1500 draw down be used against the position or no?

No, all internal statistical calculations use real-time data. Trade fills use real-time data. We simply do not show you real-time data.

Got it, that makes more sense. Thank you for the clarification.

DavidStephens: `This was a pretty big change to spring on everyone.

I agree. As a subscriber I sometimes made decisions to add to, reduce, or close positions based upon the C2 dashboard data assuming is was reasonably close to real time which, for me was close enough.

I can respect the data licensing issue but it would have been a simple courtesy toward all to have announced this in advance.

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Feedback noted. Thanks.

is the p&l displayed on the blotter real time?

No. P/L displays are delayed. However, internally we use real-time data when executing trades in your Model Account. If you are a strategy developer here on C2, we assume you have access to real-time pricing from your broker or elsewhere. I understand that is less convenient than people would like. We’ll try to arrange add-on bundles for real-time pricing display in the future.

The dashboard is utterly useless now with delayed quotes as all the gain/losses are wrong/delayed. Can we at least get an accurate gain/loss value? That’s not a price.


I agree with David, the dashboard is totally useless… I am even not sure if i am winning or losing now!

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delayed data sucks. so inconvenient

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