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Comments for Hybrid Day Futures


Its been rough for many trading systems in C2 because of the amount of volatility in the markets this year. But it also goes to show backtested systems that the market always changes and no amount of backtesting will prepare you for what can come in the future.

In the year 2017 we had a very nice runup and a steady uphill move to newer and newer highs and most trading systems during that period just rode the wave. This year has been extremely volatile starting with the mini crash in Feb 2018 which caught all the systems by surprise.
The systems that over leveraged the most were then destroyed the quickest.

Now we are currently in another volatile period with the Trump tariffs and earnings periods coming so that is primarily the reason systems that trade stock index futures and other related products are having a tough time right now.


One thing all losers have in common, they blame others for their problems.


Looks like Hybrid futures bit the dust since its private now. So much for 90%+ win/loss ratios.


@JohnDesey - if he did indeed blow up, this is what we are talking about. High win % means nothing if you are just martingale-ing your way to the eventual gutter.

A pity he went private, would have liked to have seen the fireworks. :popcorn:


C2 should not let strategies be taken private to hide their records of failure.

If a system owner switches to private then it should be hidden from THAT POINT ON but everything that happened when it was still public should remain visible with a comment that it was taken private at time X so you can’t see the trades or the results after that point in time.

I see no good reason that information that was available publicly should be retroactively hidden.



That is my biggest complaint with C2. Leave everything visible.
Sure we can guess, it was work of dr. Martin Gale. But it should be public.


I think that the following futures strategies could be fine, I’d like to ask if you guys would put them on autotrade and forget, as @JohnDesey (an myself) want:

No TOS: “NQ El Dorado”, still it didn’t went through a big DD, so I’m not sure how the developer would handle it:

No TOS: “Pegas 1 CL”, very young strategy, although the developer seem to have good knowledge. He has lots of info about the systems that he sells in his webpage, twitter and so on. And some other strategies, all of them oil related:

No TOS, “Day Trader Futures”, recovering from a 2 months small DD

TOS, “Small Bull Portfolio”, it is trying to recover from a small 3 months DD

All of those strategies seem fine to me, and I’d like to ask if some of you see some possible problem or warning with them. I think that (if they are correctly managed by the developers) subscribing to the 4 would make a good Futures portfolio, well diversified.


good points from every one… biggest issue I see is the portfolios with large draw downs…



John when comparing Pegas 1 CL to Crude Oil Trader Z why did you chose Pegas? Or did you look at Crude Oil Trader Z. I ask because I have been reviewing both myself. Currently Crude Oil Trader Z is on a losing streak but that has happened before. Or if any one else has thoughts as to why chose one over the other let me know. thanks




I’d take Crude Oil Trader Z over Pegas 1 CL mainly because of the less leverage used. He sticks to 2 contracts on what was a 30k (now 50k) account and doesn’t let single trades get out of hand DD wise. Pegas, while only trading 1 contract on less than 10k, and will let single trades get to be >10% DD. His returns look less sustainable over the longer term too.

Both younger systems and neither TOS which is never great in my book. But gun to my head I’d choose Z.


DogZebra Thanks for the feedback.


I’d add that Pegas 1 CL is almost always Long, while Crude Oil Trader Z is Long/short. I like a trader able to handle both sides of the market.


Looks like another martingale system crashed. It was only a matter of time since using a martingale strategy is extremely hard to manage. Its a shame though this strategy survived for quite awhile but I guess eventually emotions finally conquered and the trader did not want to lose and thus lost everything.


He wasn’t martingaling too bad, just had NO stops whatsoever. I mean 4 contracts on 50k is fine, but dude had NO risk management.
Looks like one subscriber lost a little bit but cut the strategy off before it killed him.


Yep this last trade wasn’t even a martingale trade, I mentioned how traders feel emotionally attached to a trade sometimes. For some reason this trader didn’t want to get out or have a stop on this particular trade. I guess he felt he had to win this trade or that he was right.

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