Commissions on ES futures

Hello, I am a new system developer here.

My system is a high frequency system to trade ES futures. The typical target/stop loss level is not big, e.g. 4-10 points. As such, commissions will impact the performance considerably.

I am surprised that C2 applies commissions of almost $7 on each trip. This is far higher than what a retail trader can expect to pay, at discount broker, say IB which charge only $2 per trip. With higher volume, they charge me only about $1.6 per trip per contract.

The real life profit generated from my own real brokerage account is higher than what is reflected in C2.

There is no way high frequency system will "do well" in this website if the commission is still $7 per trip!!

Will C2 consider revising the commissions on this website?

Thank you.[LINKSYSTEM_75406015]