Credit Spreads Income still active?

The last trade was over a month ago. This is unusual based on their trading history.
They last logged in 16 days ago.
I have sent 5 private messages over the course of the last month. Most recently asking them to give some kind of an update on the strategy to their subs via a “System Broadcast Message”. No response to any of my messages.
It’s a shame, it looked like a great strategy.
I am letting my subscription run out in 10 days & will not renew based on ZERO communication.
I seriously hope nothing bad happened to this person.

Unfortunately that has happened with several systems before and that is a risk anybody has to be aware of with any system on C2 and one needs to constantly monitor all the systems one is subscribed to. Sometimes the developer just walks away but in most cases we never know what happened, like did he suffer a heart attack?


“Last trade: 39 days ago Last visit: 25 days ago”

Anyone still subscribed may want to cancel.
ZERO communication.
Almost a month since they visited the C2 website.
They either passed away, or are sitting on some beach, collecting their C2 royalties from subs that don’t realize the strategy has been abandoned.