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I am the developer of "Daily Batch". We have been a fairly successful system for the last year and a half. I have not had much interest from subscribers up to this point. I am curious what improvements the C2 trading community would like me to make to my program to garner more interest?

I welcome any and all suggestions or recommendations from both system developers and trading clients.

Thank you,


Best of luck Brian.

Hi Brian, I’ll just give my $0.02. Looks like for the trailing 12 months you got about 34%, not bad at all but I think people see other futures systems that can easily lose that much in a couple of days and shy away. You had a dead spot from October through May, no return. The initial spike return when you started was impressive, slower since then. Doesn’t look like you overtrade, which is good. Average win size is good, not just scalping and having gains eaten up in slippage. Profit factor is fine, 1.9:1. Hey…looks pretty good really…maybe I’ll sign up!

Thanks for the input. For the record: The first two months were more volatile due to some symbol confusion and learning how to best utilize C2. (I did not have any subscribers at that time) The rest of the track record is a pretty good sample of what my system does. We will have dead periods where there is little to no trading. We will also experience draw downs in the 10% to 20% range.

Again, I appreciate all input.


Hi Brian,

I think that your system is very good.I am currently between jobs at the moment.But as soon as I am back in work, I will definitely be subscribing to your system.Can I ask how long it took to develop please?How much of the total capital do you limit your losses to, with your stop losses?2% of capital or 3% of capital or more?I think your system is very good as you have a good average winner p/l compared to average loser p/l.I have noticed on collective 2 that many people want a system that has a very high winning % for trades.In my mind that is not ideal.Your approach manages the risk far better.Keep up the good work.



Totally agree.

As someone has previously noted on this forum, the relationship between win percentage and the ratio of average win to average loss is ignored by most people. If you go to The Grid and search for the top systems older than 365 days and with less than 25% drawdown (this is my personal cut off point) you will find that the top twelve systems (with one exception) all have low win percentage but high values of the above mentioned ratio. "Cut your losses short and let your winners run" will usually win in the long run. For some reason many of the forex developers think a high win ratio is the most important thing and they try to achieve this with Martingale like or "Hold and Hope" strategies, no wonder that so many of those fail.

Regarding my personal cut off point for drawdowns of 25%, I do make exception, like in the case of Daily Batch and other systems which otherwise have good strategies and favorable statistics, in addition, I sometimes add an additional capital cushion which will keep the drawdown under 25%.


Thank you for your interest. At times we will risk as much as 5% on a single trade. These trades are rare, and I will move stops quickly to reduce risk. 2% risk is much more common and is a level I am very comfortable with.



What kind of stop do you use? I see on 3/8/11 you had a 16%+ draw down. How much are you willing to lose on a single trade?



I read where you said "The first two months were more volatile due to some symbol confusion and learning how to best utilize C2."

That might explain that draw down. I’ll keep an eye on Daily Batch.


That is the reason for the extreme volatility early on. I was learning how to use C2, and I did not have any subscribers at that time.


I think it’s fair to say futures systems don’t attract much interest on this site.

If you could replicate the results in the spot forex markets, i’m sure this would attract much more interest.

thanks for the input. I actually run a small hedge fund that trades very actively in the currency markets. We have found that paying a small commission for currency futures through IB is cheaper than using the spot FX. Unfortunately, that program will not be offered through C2.


Brian, what instruments are you talking about and how much do you pay through IB per side strictly for commission (exlude exchange, NFA and other fees)?

We trade the currency futures traded at the CME at a total transaction cost of $1.87 per side. This includes exchange, NFA, and any other fees.

We currently trade: Euro Currency, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, and Japanese Yen.

"That is the reason for the extreme volatility early on. I was learning how to use C2, and I did not have any subscribers at that time.


You should have been honest in your response. You obviously do not use stops.

I have never entered a trade for "Daily Batch" on C2 without a stop!

C2 is having some technical difficulties. The current trade is not at all accurate. Please remove your post.



The forum moderator can delete the post if this is the case. I apologize but it does not give me an option to delete it. If this a C2 error, this is a grave error. This should not happen. Hope you sort it out.

I see it was fixed. Thank you for clarifying and continued success.

I’m a subscriber and it is definitely C2 error and it seems it’s been going on for almost a week.