DAILY CASH II Is Blowing Away The Competition!

Check out these stats as of this writing:
Profit Factor 3.6
Calmar Ratio 218.824
Sharpe Ratio 9.171
Sortino Ratio 22.645
And usually a C2 Ratio assigned by The C2 System of 96 or Better Before It is Adjusted Lower Every Night.

Over $1200 In Profits Were Made This Week Alone!

Here is the system Description For Daily Cash II:

Limit: 12 Subscribers

Disclaimer: The following description of the Daily Cash II system states 2 goals. When you see these “goal” statements just remember that these are just goals. No performance can be guaranteed and the actual real-world results may be vastly different from the goals stated here:

This is a stock day trading system with the “goal” of capturing a minimum of .50 (or more) per share on each trade.

Another “goal” for this system will be to attempt a monthly increase of at least 10%.

Although in the initial 2 weeks of this system, multiple day trades were made on the last trade day of the month in a failed window dressing attempt to capture at least a 10% increase before the month’s end (where 11.2% increase was achieved intraday but settled for the month at 4.2% end of day) , going foward, this system will trade no more than 2 day trades per day to include at least One Short and/or One Long, in an attempt to capture cash on a daily basis.

In terms of the number of shares traded per transaction, 1% of the Total Trading Capital Figure will be used on each trade.

Although the trade entries and exits are discretionary by the System Trader, the actual trade selection and initial trade direction is determined by a proprietary-based stock system analysis program developed by the system trader.

Stop-Losses are not placed on trades and are discretionary by the System Trader.

Finally, there will be rare instances when no trades are made at all on a given day.

You failed to achieve your own stated goal in September, and yet you come here and brag about your system. Remember, your fund has been in existence for barely one month. Let’s see if you begin to achieve success for the long-term, or whether your fund continues to under-achieve, as it did during your first (and only) monthly performance statistic (for Sep) captured on C2.


I failed to achieve it only because i did not have a full month to work with. I start the system in the final 2 weeks of September. I almost got the 10 percent on the last day of September anyway as the system was up 11.2 percent at one point during the day.

Over $1200 in Profits Were Made Last Week Alone!

Looks like your last “sell” was on Oct 12—have you largely stopped trading for this month due to the fact that you have hit your 10%? I just don’t see how a monthly gain of 10% is sustainable. But good luck to you.

Congrats on your systems success so far. If you keep up this performance you will have a very popular system. Most developers I’ve asked say 3, 6 and 12 month longevity with good statistics is key to getting lots of additional subscriptions. Have fun trading!

Hey Draken,

Thanks for the encouragement!

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Words like “10 percent a month EASY” is a red flag. Tell us, what makes it so EASY for you to return 10% per month, regardless of market conditions. Also note: 10% may not be a good return for a particular month if the market returns substantially more that month.

I wish you the best, but I remain doubtful considering you don’t have a good long-term track record and your bragging. Even Warren Buffett attributed a little bit of luck to his portfolio performance. But you say “NO luck required” . Again, red flag language.


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