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Daily Market Technicals from Tendency Forex

I’m the vendor of TendencyForex:

I’ll publish some technical analysis occasionally.

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Near term tight range in a potential wedge like abcde consolidation pattern.
Once upside resolved, 1.0860 will be the next target.
Should it downside resolved, from 200 day Moving Average to 1.0682 zone will ideally hold and turn the trend higher again.
Over time, we look for the strength to extend toward 1.0991 at least.
Below 1.0600 will negative current view.

USDJPY upside should be limited

EURUSD: Lowest volume in 2020

According to a Bank’s London Spot desk, yesterday is the lowest volume day of 2020.
I’ll re-assess it after Fed Minutes and look for better levels to involve again.

FX Position Analysis from a Bank:
I think look to go short Kiwi against Aussie at better levels still make sense.

EURUSD from London Spot Desk

FX Risk Index: Risk appetite softens

AUDNZD Update:
Go long AUDNZD near current levels still looks attractive. However, we still stand aside to avoid the potential huge slippage due to the potential higher volatility.
Will re-assess it after Fed Minutes.

Quick Take: FOMC Minutes

Nice Forex thread you have here, very informative.

Thanks mate.
Have a nice evening, :beers:

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Thanks, you too.
And keep grabbing those pips! :slightly_smiling_face:

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EURUSD from London Spot Desk

EURUSD from London Spot Desk

USD near term view 1

USD near term view 2

G10 FX Position 1

G10 FX Position 2

After more than 1,700 trades, you ROI is almost triple your maximum drawdown, quite a feat indeed!

Just one question : the size of your positions is usually small (less than 1 standard lot in most cases) and yet your Suggested Minimum Capital is $100K, how come?
Keep up the good work.



I apologize for the delay due to time difference…

Thank you very much for your support and kindly words!
The Min capital in C2 seems be equal to the current account capital.
In this account, I start from $50k , now the capital is $100k , perhaps this is the formula?

From May 2020, I reduce some risk and ideally control the Max drawdown below 10% :
With $100k balance, the tactical trade is 0.2-0.8 standard lot, medium convinced trade 2-2.5 standard lot.

For 100% scaling it, the recommended Min Balance is $50k .
In this case, the Max Drawdown will be ideally below 20% .
You could adjust it according to your own risk appetite and balance .

Everyone is lazy, everyone want to earn in bed…
When I was a beginner, I spent a lot on scam EAs and false signal providers.
Then I have to learn and trade myself.
I think if I knew Collective 2 at that time, I must could find some better strategy to follow and will not learn this… :slight_smile:
At that time, almost all the signal providers trading on high risk and wanted to get a better performance, this will attract a lot of clients, but… once the market is going against them, their account will be easily stopped out…

In the CHF Storm in 2015 , I earned a lot.
But I could not forget is forever.
At that time, I also go long eurchf, but I still go short gbpchf and audchf.
The stop loss order did not work for eurchf, but the overall loss is equal to the earn of audchf.
The trade of going short gbpchf is net profit…
But… I could not imagine what happens if I did not open trade of gbpchf and audchf…

According to my calculation, if trade with 1:1 leverage ( $10k balance with 0.1 standard lot) , any account will not be stopped out during the storm …
I think the high volume is very risky for the clients .
Thus I’ll trade on lower volume on the master account , and let the clients to adjust it according to their own conditions.

To be honest, I use 100% scaling on every $20K balance, but with 1:100 or 1:500 leverage.
I wonder the same leverage is not available for most clients.

This is I use the same proportion on $50k balance in 2018 ( verified by 3 rd party) .
But during that period, there was less volatility in the market… :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your encourage and support!
Have a nice evening, :beers: :beers: :beers:

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