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Day trading system (MillionaireMaker)


@DogZebra_Investing As long as he has stop losses, why not averaging down? You can have 12 contracts on 50k account if you have a very tight stop.
@AlgoSystems subscriber to this system (like me) can just turn it down by Autotrade 10%.

Just sayin’



@guigui You can, but at levels like that you are talking over 30x leverage to the actual S&P. Must be damn close with your stops.

Also he just wrote this below when asked about max contracts yesterday, and did 12 contracts today.

To me this is just way too volatile - 10% swings in the system daily. Couple that with no TOS and the ridiculous sounding name of this system and I would steer clear for now. Sorry Jayy. I’ll keep watching though bro.


Not a problem guys. For me the stoploss are there in order to play high leverage. And it’s only intraday margin which is generous at most brokers.

I welcome you guys to keep watching.


Jayy are you planning on being TOS?


You definitely need to size down if you want paying subs. The account is way too volatile and size is way too big for most subs. I would say 4es max.


Thank you. Noted on the size. I will make some adjustment to it.

@GREGGL I’m reading up on TOS and will consider it. I need to understand what implication or restriction if I want to size up personally.


Let the subs know if you adjust it and by how much. I am ok with the current size.


@guigui, If you turn it down to 10% you may or may not get the same result. Its easier to scale up. For example, if the trader entered 2 contracts at one level and then 4 at another level you would be at 1 and then 1. So if the trader exits at the original 2 contract level you would be losing money and he would be making money. So basically, it depends on the sizing at each level since the trader is not consistent with each entry.



oops I meant if the trader does NOT enter at the original entry level. (typo)


Hope this is clear! lol…


He actually added 4 lots to the 12 lots so he went long 16 (!!) contracts of ES on the bet the ranch trade to make back the daily loss scenario.
If I write a book on How to lose credibility in 24 hours then I will come back to this thread.


It’s 8 core. +4 adds in and out x 2, since it was still consolidating for the push up. I would have done a few more times but didn’t get to my entry the other times.


@Jayy Ok, got you. It is still very heavy after you said yesterday 8 lots would be max.


Your right. Hence why I had to make the post on making this discretionary choice. I couldn’t forfeit a high probability setup just to keeping up with the that rule. And because imo it was high probability, I wanted go heavier on it.


What if the high prob trade goes against you and you lose further 5k?


@Jayy, high probably = not guaranteed so even with a 5% chance of losing it would wipe out the account one day. My question is would you trade like that with your live account?


Seeing the setup so many times I know 83 is very likely with an off chance of 87 and 96. It’s just a matter of where I wanted the stops to be. Ideally behind 60 but that’s too far. So i settled with another $3300 possible loss with the hard stop at 65.75

The potential daily total loss was bigger than stated. It’s not good risk management. No excuses there. Personally i’m ok with 20% drawdown in futures market at any given time


Fair enough @Jayy, then you should change the sizing for subscribers to be able to tone down the risk…since I’m sure alot of potential subscribers would not like to tolerate that kind of risk…lol


I’m just offering my suggestions @Jayy, if you would like to appeal the masses


Thank you and I appreciate it. I will think it through