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Day trading system (MillionaireMaker)


AlgoSystems is right you will have very few subscribers with that many contracts and that much swing. If you make some adjustments as stated above with time you could be a very popular strategy here on C2 and be able to charge a lot more. With everything that has happened over the last two weeks a lot of us are looking for more day trade strategies like yours. So there is a huge need for what you offer but the sizing is high for most on the sight. As stated before by AlgoSystems if a subscriber scales in at less then the results with not be the same with the way you trade. I want encourage you to keep making adjustments as you get feedback. If you do you will have a lot of paying subscribers over time. Right now everybody is just sitting back and watching you.


Respect for listening.

Damn bro! My boy Jayy has 6 subscribers already!
Bout to get lit one way or the other!


@DogZebra_investing Do not disappoint me that you are not one of the lucky 6??


I am cynical in public very few times so hate to put in my comments here. The only reason I am doing so is I have subscribed to only 2 systems here on C2 at different times. The first system I lost the majority of my account (forex trading, martingale system). I did not fully understand what that meant and the guy dropped his system when it stopped producing, leaving all subscribers down huge.

Next system I got involved with looks like it is pretty much toast after the latest volatility fiasco we just had. Luckily I had actually made some $$ on it and I needed my funds so about a month ago I stopped autotrading it. At the time I had $25K allocated to it (my entire account) and for no reason but unbelievable luck I was not in when this happened.

When I first came to C2 all I could do is look at all these systems that were generating all this $$ and say “wow i want a piece of this”

So now I sit back and look at these systems and ask the very same questions my mom tried to drill into my head for so many years. “Son, If it is too good to be true it probably is.”

So here is the cynical statement from me…

Why on earth would the owner of this Millionairmaker system care at all how many subscribers he has? I mean it looks like it will make him thousands a month and is clearly on the way to $1,000,000 so why would he care if he were to make $1K a month from subscribers? He makes that a day from this strategy. Even if he were TOS I would ask the same question.

I agree, if the owner of this strategy would cut down the risk then I would become more interested but as it is it looks just too similar to a martingale for me. One could definitely argue it is not a martingale (it is also great that he appears to closely monitor trades with stop losses), but the minute anyone starts trying to average down on a loss with sizes like what I see any sensible person has to take notice. The average down thing may be totally viable as well though if you know what you are doing…

And Jayy, I do not mean to sound harsh at all but it is kind of hard for me due to what I have been through…

I must say the Chubs 7500 system looks interesting from a risk perspective.


You’d be surprised how many people can eventually be subscribed to a system. Top systems not even a year old can have over 100 subscribers. Some of them were charging $100, $200 or more per month, so it becomes meaningful, you do the math.

Anyone remember “ConservProfit” ? That guy tripled his account in a nice steady fashion in 6 months and had almost 200 subscribers (then crashed and burned spectacularly). He was only charging like $40 bucks a month, but still, the guy made tens of thousands in only a very short time, with minimal investment and no TOS.

If your system does well, and you nearly double your money in an orderly fashion over the course of a year or two, you will get meaningful subscriber money on the side. Basically if you’re gonna get rich, this will get you rich faster.

Just beware of people here on the forum desperate for subscribers. Constantly posting how smart they are/how good their system is/offering coupons for only the first subscribers (Must Act NOW!). Most of the time they know they are phonies and are trying to at least recoup the cost of running the system before it turns against them, which is ALWAYS does.

The only systems I would subscribe to right now are long running successful systems. Bob Dylan SP500 comes to mind (he only trades 1 contract so don’t look at % gains). B48 ES, the same. Base it on $10k or $15k starting a year and they do well.

In the mean time - Jayy tearin’ it up dog!!! :exploding_head:


Too funny. ConservProfit was the strategy I mentioned that i was subbed to and lost a lot of my $$.


“I must say the Chubs 7500 system looks interesting from a risk perspective.”

@newbie123 Thank you. My current Sharpe ratio of 6.7 is the highest ever for a C2 system since C2’s 2001 inception.


@newbie123 very valid question Chris as I ask myself the same thing when I started the offering. Why bother. I have two objectives starting this system on Collective2.

  1. Start to establish an online record on a respectable platform, that’s also convenient for me personally in term of record keeping/admin stuff. Platform transmit offered here is perfect. This will help me down the road on future plans as well.

  2. The initial fee is marginal as I and the system have no record here. After paying C2’s share,twice i might add, it hardly covers anything. But I’m a fulltime trader so this is not the income i’m relying on. The idea eventually is to hike the fees to a small% of profit from previous month on a rolling monthly basis, to encourage continues performance. Like a mini hedgy.

But in the end if no one is willing to pay for that model then I will just probably discontinue offering it as it is not worth the extra effort to me.


@Jayy You have traded 3 days on C2 so far. I must disappoint you that you will need a larger timeframe in which to start making money here as with any other business venture. Give it at least 6 months or don’t even try.
Would you invest your hard-earned cash after seeing 3 days’ worth of trading results?


When talking about averaging, we need context. Lot of the systems and people I know averages down over a 100-300 Tick/pip area. That is usually fine as the market have a tendency for mean reversion, but will fail terribly on the few hardcore trending days without pullbacks.

Maybe a screenshot can help explain how I do it.

I set my stops first, behind what I consider a pivot or last aggression zone. And will start entering into a position as long as Price is above that pivot point. Lot of times what happens is I put in a starter position incase it never even reach my zone and then just add to it. It’s never over a couple hundred ticks/pips. Usually it’s around 30 ticks averaging in. Many times I will even add to a position just 3-4 ticks above the stop.

Also have to take into consideration the volatility. That SS was on 2/12/18 where there are still wild swings in ES. the stop can’t be too narrow, have to reasonable enough to let the trade workout.


@CsabaBiro11 I know that, and I didn’t expect anyone to be subbed already. But I do appreciate those already did. This will also help solidify some data points as I heard concerns of system performances varies before and after having subs.

To clarify, keep it in your watchlist as I build more trade record and data points for you to analyze to make a better determination. As the number of trades increases you will have a better sense of trade management. What will it take? 100? 1000? 10000? Like you said, it’s only been 3 days with average trade of 30 per day. At some point you will have more data on my trade style than most of the older ones out there.


@Jayy Thank you. I will keep an eye on you. For me it’s not the number of trades but number of days traded that counts. I hope you will stay for the long term.


Makes sense Jayy. Great response / post. You definitely get ++ points in my book for how you go about responding to folks (including myself) on how your system works.


Bob Dylan SP500…Sharpe Ratio: 0.844, made only 3.4% in the past 2yrs, did only 100 trades in the past 8yrs, I would make more $ by saving $149/mth in the bank…you call it a successful system? It looks like he just sits on the subscription fees doing nothing but waits for that 1 ES contract to turn +ve over time. For me, the inactive systems are worse than the martingale systems.


Knock yourself out with the martingale systems then man.
Yeah, he’s had a couple bad years it looks like, but he hasn’t blown up the shop like the martingale systems always do.


Just to point out long running systems are not always successful systems, thanks.


I will put in my 2 cents worth as I signed up immediately and have been trading Jayy’s trades since the second day. YOU DO NOT have to take every trade. You can do whatever size you wish. I am only trading 2 CT per trade. I am not taking the Gold or Natural gas trades as I do not feel comfortable with it. Yes there are alot of trades. I look at it like we are getting a great value. There are MUCH more expensive trade strategies on C2 that are executing 2-3 trades per month, I feel like it is not very valuable.

anyway, so far MM has been good for me. also, Jayy is VERY VERY responsive. I have not had that experience with other developers


Just from look at performance something is severely off, either you will have severe drawdowns of 50%+ or blow out your account, or his performance will decrease dramatically. He has about 20% in a week, if that’s the rate things will keep going it’s def. not sustainable, even 40%/mo is unsustainable for any sort of reasonable system.


How do you pick which instruments you don’t want to trade in the AutoTrade Control panel? I mean where you define that.


you can’t, he must be manual trading. C2 should add the option to block certain tickers that we don’t want to trade. Don’t worry was a good system but I don’t want to trade the Es in their system