Delayed FX Prices

I’m getting delayed quotes on the spot fx market after 5:30…is this normal for the start of the week?

Also I inadvertently made 25pips because of the delay and I’d like to adjust that from my trading stats if possible.

I’m in the oppesite situation than you. I have lost 38 pips on the EUR/USD pair and in my broker the price has not even moved 20 pips. Something is wrong here.

I hope this is fixed soon, i think Asia could be a very volatile session

Its 2200GMT and I’m still getting fridays closing quotes…PLEASE HELP

I am working on this now. Hang on.

(P.S. Trades will be executed using correct quotes. It’s just that your marked-to-market positions will show wrong quotes until I get this fixed.)

I believe the problem is now fixed, as of 18:45 EST. I apologize for the problem.

If you had forex trades that were filled incorrectly between 17:30 and 18:45 EST, please complete a trouble ticket and I will make sure to correct them ASAP. Here’s how:


Thank you very much