Different boards

I am getting to like more and more the idea of having more boards. Here is my problem with the recent one:

1. Too many inactive systems making it too long.

2. Too many new systems with no trades making it even longer.

3. Later in the futures these problems going to get multiplied. :slight_smile:

So here is my solution. The main board would only show active and older systems. Of course we have to define what is an active system and what is an old system.

People are going to abandone systems or making up systems and never make a trade. These are going to be obviously abandoned systems and going to take up lots of rooms, but nobody will subscribe to them anymore, so for the purpose of the website they are useless. They should be still shown somewhere as a trackrecord, but why not make a different boards for them?

I assume people would subscribe to systems only with a well established trading record. Thus any new system is not very likely to bring in new subscribers, but they mess up the ranking (see the annualized problem) and take up rooms. So my solution would be having a different board for brand new systems and newness can be defined as 2 weeks or younger or having less then 5-10 trades.

So I would make at least 4 boards:

1. Main board for active and established systems. (at least 2 weeks old with 5-10 trades)

2. New systems (less then 2 weeks old, less then 10 trades)

3. Inactive systems (not traded for a month, 2 months time is debatable)

4. Abandoned systems (owner closed it)

#3 and #4 could be the same board. Also a brand new system would automatically go to the inactive system board until its first trade. Again, I assume lots of people make up systems and never trade them. They should be deleted after a while.

I think by making up these new boards the main board would consist only systems that are continiously maintained by serious people and it can be checked out much easier and faster.