View of all subscribed systems

I currently subscribe 6 systems with one user account, sometimes the number has been more than ten.

Usually I view all the systems at least once per day to see if there has been trades and how they are doing. Usually at least half of the systems have no trades. The system page load quite slowly so it’s a pain to go thru all the systems.

What I’d like to see would be “My subscriptions” view which:

1. Would show the last activity (any kind of trade) date and time of that system.

2. Could be sorted by this datetime so that it remembers my sorting so when I enter this view it would always be sorted by last activity system on the top of the list.

This could be even implemented in the sidebar. Other option is to create an own page for this. I would recommend an own page because that could be later expanded to include autotrading scaling and possibility to modify it which would be unbelievably great!


- Panu

I second that, and for me a very important feature would be the daily (weekly, etc) performance of each system and overall of my account, so I can see what system is growing it - or not.

In addition it would be nice to see a history of all systems that you had subscribed to so far with the possibility to add some notes.

These are excellent ideas. In fact a very early beta version of this feature is being tested now. I hope to unleash it upon you… I mean, release it for your benefit… in the next few weeks.

Please keep the suggestions coming.


"Please keep the suggestions coming. "

Again, please add max Profits (Max favorable Excursion) in addition to max DDs. IT has been requested quite a few times.