Browsing System Lists needs to be improved

Overall, its feels pretty clunky trying to browse throgh systems… there’s gotta be a more user friendly way of allowing people to browse through the various systems.

When viewing lists of systems, can we have more than just Total Return or Annualized Return… how about Qtr to Date, Year to Date?

Also when viewing all systems… can we see what kind of system it is with some kind of icons… for example (a) securities traded (stocks, futures…) (b) perhaps avg trade length © 3-month avg of trades per day/week. (d) intraday, EOD, only-limit orders, only market orders or something… Basically the site doesn’t have to check to see if the system conforms to the self-description, but if we could see the author’s intent for the system that would be very helpful.

The API is awesome… overall the site is good… but it is quite a struggle to browse through systems. Any plans on upgrading it?

These are all very good suggestions. Certainly I will give some of these suggestions a try. I’m a bit behind on other projects, but the system search feature is definitely something that has grown a bit long of tooth. It’s time for an upgrade. I may contact you by email in the next 2 weeks to pick your brain. Stay tuned.


Thanks - I appreciate the reply. BTW that auto-trading robot thingy is pretty cool. Keep it up…

- chris