Discount offers for the start of my newly created winning option strategy

I thought BrokerTransmit would import my historical data from my broker. Well it does not. So i fear i made a mistake to upgrade to premium without having a track record.
Backtesting results in the description are also not allowed. So i decided to use the forum for this. I think my past results are just too good to forget them :slight_smile:
And because you have to trust me without the track record am willing to give a discount for the first 2 subscribers and sell the subscription for 20$. And this for a lifetime.

Of course this is a TOS strategy and this are the real money results of my main account. I will activate autotrade. So you will trade exactly the same as i do in my account.


The first 20$ offer is given away. 1 left.

Can you post your last two months trades as suggested?

The 20$ coupons are sold out. I will anyway try to post the last trades if i find out how i do this on IB.

Here are the trades for the whole year.