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I just opened a demo account with BulldogFX on C2 (demo, so no real money lost yet). I trade two systems. For the first system the results given on C2 and in the account report align pretty well.

However, the second one has so far only done a single trade - and this does not match up at all.

This system is ZedPlus FX.

The corresponding line on C2 reads:

BTO 6 GBP/CHF 1.63359 3/23/09 4:46

STC 60,000 1.63200 3/23/09 11:05

n/a No calc $0

Question of course: given the difference between buy and sell: why a P/L of 0??

But main questin:


03/23/09 08:20:48 1.64628 Mkt

03/23/09 10:05:15 1.63200 -378.67

The clocks between the two things differ by one hour: so, the sell events line up, pretty well.

However, the buy events differ by nearly 5 hours!?

(I am not sure what the rates at these times were, but this could also explain the differences in price!?)

Can one explain the difference?

Thanks a lot


The first thing I suggest is that you should turn off the “results overlay” feature on the system details page. You are looking at a combination of your trading results laid on top of C2 hypothetical results, and when the C2 software can’t figure out how to match up the two data sources, it throws up its hands and doesn’t generate P/L. (Smarter software will be available in the site upgrade, coming soon.)

Regarding your other question about a particular trade, may I please ask you to send and email or call Bulldog FX and give them the specifics (including your account number, etc.). 99% of the time, in cases like this, these questions can be easily answered by pointing out something that a new AutoTrader might have missed. The guys and gals at Bulldog will be very helpful. Try: support@bulldogfx.com.


Thanks Matthew for the very fast response!

well, turning off leads to the same trade information, with the only difference that the trade should even have made money.

However, I did send the question also to BulldogFX. Let’s what is there take on this



Hi Klaus,

Chris Wilt here from BulldogFX. I sent this response to you in an email, but maybe you’ll receive it better if I post it here.

Good questions, let’s see if I can help.

I think Matthew Klein explained the first part already, so I trust that part is relatively clear by now. And for the 2nd part, the sequence of events that I see goes like this…

1) You set autotrading permissions for the system, YBE4life2, on your demo 3/17/09…

2) You then set additional autotrading permissions for the system, ZedPlusFX, on 3/23/09 at 13:15…

3) ZedPlusFX was in an open long GBPCHF trade at the time so AutoSync synchronized your account with the C2’s account five minutes after you set your permissions at 13:20…

4) Since your autotrading permissions were set at a maximum 3 mini lots your account went long 30K GBPCHF at market price, which was 1.6462 at the time (3/23/09 13:20)…

5) About 10 minutes later (13:31) ZedPlus put in a stop loss limit order on the GBPCHF trade @ 1.632 good-til-cancel…

6) At 15:05 or about an hour and half later, the stop loss limit order was hit…

7) Your account closed the 30K GBPCHF position at the 1.632 stop loss limit…

8) 30 seconds later ZedPlus on C2 closed it’s GBPCHF position @1.6315. You got out 5 pips better than C2.

I think Klaus that scenario explains what happened. If not, try me again. I’ll try to do a better job explaining.

To track the actual trades in you demo, you can always 1) log into you FXCM trading platform or you can 2) go to www.myfxcm.com and log in there to see what trades were made.

I hope this helps.

Good luck and good trades to you,


Dear Chris,

thanks for the explanation. Yes, it is likely that this is what happened.

The system openend the position, despite the situation had significantly changed. Thus, this big loosing trade occured.

(It might be an idea not to perform trades, when the signal is outdated…)

But, because it is so far paper money, I don’t care to much: I learned the lesson: only subscribe if the system does not have an open positiion.

Thanks a lot for your fast help and support!