Dynamic-Embeddable System Ads

Basically, it would be pretty cool to be able to advertise ‘real-time’ system results in our own web pages.

If collective2 could provide ‘hooks’ that would allow us to show off our system in our own websites or even in a sig line in forums, that would help advertise the site and our systems.

I’m thinking like 2 formats - one would be similar to the top portion of the “System Snapshot” includes the graph and the “Trading System Results”. This could be embedded in our own sites.

The second that would be cool would be a signature line something like "Collective2.com Advisor Rating: 500 // API Test System :: Annualized Return 295.98% over 18 days :: Sharpe Ratio 1.0"

That would allow for much more pervasive advertising, and would allow us to show off, right?

I love it.

I’ll get right on that.


P.S. How would you like it packaged? As a .gif that can be inserted, but which is updated on the C2 servers at regular intervals? Or is there something else I should know about?

Regular Interval: I’m sure once per day would be adequete.

Format: Gif could be fine… some people may find it restrictive (with fixed width and all). Could it come in some form of html-table? Maybe like the google adsense embedding… would allow for more flexibility (technically) in teh future.

- chris