Entries don't match between NT and C2 record for Micro ES trades

When checking the recod of NT and C2 in Micro ES trades.
I tried limit orders and market orders.
The trades in C2 seem to be closed as soon as I place the orders.
They are all loser while most of them are winners in NT and real trades.

Hello Paul,

Please send me the details your details to help@collective2.com. (“In attention to Lorant”)
I will explain exactly how PlatformTransmit is working and also investigate your case, if needed.

Thank you!

Hi I am new to this platform my name is Elvis last name Joseph I am not sure much about collective too as much as I enroll but however I would like to understand more before I find my account s how this platform work if you were to have an individual company providing its own trading strategy for me then I myself do it