Mathew, C2 didn't pick this trade

The trade below never got filled on collective2…what happened? It was one of the biggest profit trades this month. what went wrong? Did subscibers got this trade? cause I don’t know if I should email them to close it. I do got an email message that the trade opened, but couldn’t close it cause C2 never made record of it…Matthew can you tell me what went wrong.

And subscribers, did you recieved the email to open this contract? A) tell me and B) pick your profits

Signal ID


7/5/06 4:00

Likely fill @5721 04:00

Sell to open




at mkt


The trade is also listed on my C2 page at “Recent Trade Signals Entered” But it’s not on the closed or open positions

This is now fixed and the trade now displays in your open positions. We had a database problem at the moment the trade was inserted into the db. Subscribers did indeed receive the signal. It was only a "display" issue, as far as I can tell.

It was not only a display failure. Cause I recieved this email when the trade should close:

"Recently you attempted to use the Collective2 API or the

Collective2 TradeStation Interface to enter a trade at


We want to alert you that the trade you entered WAS NOT

accepted. Here is the computer generated reason why the

trade was not accepted:

Request to close position denied: No open position in asset to close. (21834271)

This may mean your signal-generation software is out of sync with C2.

Please check your C2 positions and manually adjust as necessary."

But thanks for now…I put a new stoploss on it for the subscribers who are still in the position.