How does the Platform Sync Work with Tradestation?

I am currently using Tradestation Strategies to enter and exit trades systematically. For now i am using Tradestation’s easy language function setstoploss(50); and setprofittarget(100); for my exits.

As you can see i am risking $50 to earn $100. The way Tradestation works is - as soon in enter in the position, system will generate a StopLoss order and send to exchange. But as price moves closer to my Target, system will cancel the Stoploss order and place a limit order to exit when my profit will be $100.
Tradestation works fine as it should.

However the Collective2 platform sync application is a mystery for me. I am noticing a LOT of discrepancy in trades that i make vs, what get logged on Collective2. For eg. even though i am able to book exact $100 profit on my account, profit shown on collective2 is way less than $100. I understand that in real life situation not all limit orders get a fill but in most cases i see that prices go way beyond my profit target before returning back. So, how is it that my C2 results are so bad?

Any documentation on how the platform sync app works will help me reduce the discrepancy.

MNQ went 1 full point beyond my limit price and there is no way possible that my subscriber wont get filled.
My actual limit price to book profit was 16255.75 and MNQ made a low of 16254.75 at 10:40 AM - all documented in screenshots.

Because we need to be able to trade multiple strategies in a single account, most limit orders are held on C2’s side, and are issued as market orders into subscribers accounts when prices cross. For this reason (among others), scalping strategies won’t work well here, nor – for that matter – in any environment where multiple accounts are being managed (as opposed to a single block account in which fills get distributed to multiple account participants on a proportional basis).

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