Equity Trading System nearing 500% return YTD


My ‘Aggressive Equity Sleeve’ trading system is now up 484% year to date. A trader who started my system at inception with $25,000 would now have an equity value of $153,307. These returns are YTD and from ONLY trading stocks, no futures, options, or other derivatives of financial mass destruction. My draw down amount has scared off many who have not researched my performance very closely, and do not realize that the lowest my account equity has ever reached was around $24,000. Again, the system was started with equity value of $25,000. I think I have done a commendable job of preserving capital, while allowing for tremendous outperformance against the broader markets. (Part of the reason for this is I typically employ a stereotypical hedge fund strategy of being long & short various positions at the same time)

This system is meant to be used as a ‘sleeve’ in a larger portfolio of strategies/systems, and to provide much larger returns, and accept larger risk, in order to maximize portfolio gains. I have some fantastic short positions I am currently in, and I am confident in my systems performance moving forward. I am in it for the long term, so I am not overly concerned with the daily, irrational gyrations of a panicked market. I am here to make money for all, and to reward those who understand choosing a strategy and sticking with it. There is no holy grail, if you want outsized returns, you have to accept a modicum of risk.

P.S. I have 0 down months out of 6. If you could manage to stick with the system for any of those months, you would have made money.


Strategy began 1/19/2016
Starting Unit Size $25,000
Strategy Age (days) 160.04
Age 160 days ago
What it trades Stocks

Trades 73

Profitable 48

% Profitable 65.80%
Avg trade duration 8.2 days
Max peak-to-valley drawdown 86.19%
drawdown period April 12, 2016 - April 18, 2016
Cumul. Return 484.8%
Avg win $3,324
Avg loss $1,211

The best part of all? My system is only $49.00 per month!

(** Hypothetical Returns**)

Just as I suspect it, this is a Martingale system. It is a matter of time before this system will blow up.


What is a Martingale system?

This is an explanation of a Martingale system: Latest Martingale Systems (and other ways to go broke fast)

It is shaping up to be another good day today. Thanks to all my subscribers who are taking advantage of this volatile market!

Apparently you do not have enough confidence in your own system otherwise you would get TOS certified.