Erroneous trades

I’ve only been using C2 via their website for about 10 days. I subscribe to one strategy and use IB. I do not manually trade or alter the system at all. Today I had several things happen:

  1. With the strategy leader’s first order, it was duplicated, with twice as many shares being bought (2x the % scaling I was using), and even had a separate signal ID than the first order. On the C2 website, particular strategy page trading record, there is only one order at that time and for the number of shares he ordered, x my scaling %, my account purchased 2x what was appropriate. The system then sold it for a loss 6 min later, again, with no order from the leader.

  2. Later in the day, the system again purchased several shares and sold them 11 min later at a loss

  3. Same thing, 2 hrs later roughly.

Although I had a nice gain for the day (Thx strategy leader!), these 3 trades were all losses, and decreased my profit by around 2k. Pretty serious stuff. I guess everyone there goes home at 5pm, can’t get anyone via phone or email. This happen to anyone else today?

[deleted by user request]

I’ve also experienced trade quantities doubling on their own!

Hi Riptide -

Francis will be contacting you directly by email to gather information and see what happened.