Eurex trades working well?

Hi Matthew,

today I had again a strange effect in an Eurex trade:

33203797 STO 1 EXU8 @ STP 3433 DAY 6/24/08 2:00 6/24/08 5:16 3433

33203800 BTC 1 EXU8 @ LMT 3423 GTC 6/24/08 5:17 6/24/08 5:24 3423

in my system Cassiopeia.

In my account, the limit order was not executed. At 05:30 the synchronisation with C2 closed the short at 3413 (this time I was lucky).

Also, 6 minutes for the synchronisation is too long. This problem had already been solved but it reappears now.

Any ideas? I am loosing confidence in C2 for autotrading my account because I can not be in front of the computer continuously.

We’ll look into this and see why your limit order wasn’t processed immediately by OEC. More info shortly.