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Evaluating Strategies - Actual Track Records?

I am very new to the site. I am just trying to find strategies that look interesting. All the track records seem to be hypothetical. I understand that results in subscriber accounts will vary, but is there any way to see the track record as realized in, perhaps, the strategy developer’s account?

Also, transaction costs are not really broken out in the strategy statistics.
I also have a hard time seeing what asset classes are traded by the strategy.
I would like to see long/short tilt on average and over time.
Whether a strategy is discretionary or systematic is of huge interest to me.

I have more questions, but I am just exploring right now, and trying to get a feel for how to evaluate these managers. Length of track record is #1, what they trade, how concentrated their portfolio is, and how they manage risk are very important. Max DD is great for that, but I don’t see a convenient way to track portfolio concentration.

George Coles

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Hmmm. The mixing of hypothetical and actual trades is a bit crazy. Also how would I ever know to click on that little icon to show leverage? None of the FX programs have acceptable levels of leverage and one of them that was touted here seems not to ever make any real trades.

This site is a little confusing from a UI/UX point of view. Also for me, there are only a handful of programs that look like a safe bet, but I guess that is the case with many crowd-sourced platforms.

thanks for the tips

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You might want to take a look at mine, called “Invincible Holy Grail”

TWS is not supported by C2 so I can only place trades manually here.

Depending on profit factor, transaction costs may or may not be particularly significant.

Most trade stocks and futures; looking through their record gives an idea.

Short term traders hold a lot of cash and equity holders are often just overleveraged longs.

I use TWS and BrokerTransmit to run strategies. Not sure what you mean by TWS not being supported.

I don’t see TWS on the C2 broker list.

I’m referring to TWS the software from Interactive Brokers.

Have a look at these strategies if you want profitable (but affordable) plays.

Many of the below rank in the top 5% of strategies on C2, and can be combined to create an excellent overall portfolio.

European Stock Basket- EUROPEAN STOCK BASKET

Nikkei Buy and Flat- NIKKEI BUY AND FLAT

Equity Basket Buy Sell- EQUITY BASKET BUY SELL

SP500 Trader- SP500 TRADER

Cambridge Futures: CAMBRIDGE FUTURES

Global Stock Basket- GLOBAL STOCK BASKET

Lrcfx and Equity Basket- LRCFX AND EQUITY BASKET

TPC Ftse tracker x 3- TPC FTSE TRACKER X 3


Please create a new thread if you want to promote strategies. Trying to market new strategies is not the topic of this thread.


Please do not spam the entire message board.

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Well this is a weird place. I am getting PMs from people trying to slide me their strategies. And so many programs only have a few months of history? I think this is a good platform in many ways but it seems adrift somehow.

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You have to think of every strategy leader as a business owner. A business owner markets their product/service. It’s understandable for trade leaders to do simple things to try to get as much exposure even early on. Now if they are asking you to pay rather than simulate with a limited record, that’s a problem.


It’s an alt account; compare similar name to those strategies listed. Possible ban for skirting the rules?


I would think there is a button for traders that would allow you to turn off unsolicited PMs (if you aren’t in a strategy the leader shouldnt be able to contact you) … if that isn’t the case. it seems like a great improvement to the private message system

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