Few Strategy owners collecting money outside C2

Below Strategy owner ( @KishoreRamaraju3 ) collecting money in telegram groups outside C2

RC 101 Stocks Swing
RC 102 Options Swing
RC 103 Futures Micros
RC 104 Futures EMinis
RC 105 ForEx
RC 106 Cash Secured Puts

That looks pretty strange to me. The strategies are only 3 days old, have many simulations and already have subscribers. The followers are also all new accounts that only follow his strategies!?

He had these subs before and just moved to C2 with them OR these just fake accounts trading nothing to attract real subs. :slight_smile:

If you want a link to all the strategies here it is.

the strategy manager had started a similar endeavor last year. His systems had over 35 million AUM combined. So he/she is for real, so are the subscribers. Systems did not do good and were abandoned in 2 months. This is attempt 2. Let us wish him/her success! ( but win ratio of over 90% that I see on the systems does not augur well for the future!)

But how a strategy manager makes money outside c2 is not relevant, is it? Telegram or whatever…

If you pay money outside C2 then only he will let you to subscribe their strategy in C2