Forex Aggressive Risk

Any one trading this Forex?
If someone expert in Forex trading, please advice me, so that i can subscribe.

Well, you don’t have to be an expert in forex trading to see some red flags:

-This is his sixth user name. He’s tried 5 or 6 times before and failed (I get it, trading isn’t easy, but why keep creating new user names?)
-There is no description of the strategy or how it works.
-He has almost 100% winners. To me this is a major red flag. Now he is not really buying into losing trades at all, but instead just holding them until they become profitable. The CHF/JPY trade he started on 8/21 went against him to the tune of over 300 pips, a 22% drawdown on one trade, and he just watched. Closed it for $1 profit when it came back months later (lucky for him). I do not believe he has stops set. CHF/JPY has moved 3000 pips just in the past couple years. That one trade would have wiped out the account if he had bought it at the wrong time.

Good luck.

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