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Forex Strategies

I know nothing about trading forex. Anyone have any insights to this strategy?

That type of return is possible because Forex is the highest leveraged financial instrument in the world (up to 200 to 1 leverage in some countries).

There is no other market where a successful trader can compound his profits that fast.

Notice that he started with 2 and 3 lots (contracts) and now he is trading 50 to 100 lots and more, a typical anti-martingale, the only type of martingale that can produce spectacular results, if used correctly.

Why does it have C2 score of only 225 ???

Yes, it’s true that traditionally retail forex brokers allow access to 100:1 (or even 200:1 leverage). But C2 allows only 33:1 leverage.

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That’s more than enough to make a killing, assuming the trader has a winning system to begin with.

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Is this trade leader’s position sizing appropriate to handle natural drawdowns without blowing up the account?

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Technically, it is impossible to “blow up” a trading account when you trade big with your profits, and your profits only.

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Sure. More than enough to blow account event trading with 3:1 leverage but poor risk management.

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If he manages the risk well, he’ll take that account to the moon.

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I couldn’t agree more, without proper risk control and money management (at the trade and portfolio level) you can turn a perfectly good trading system into a losing system in no time.

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The strategy had no description yesterday, but has one now. The oldest review was from 11/19 - four days ago. I don’t know if that means it was private until recently or if the person was able to import trade history from somewhere. The returns are no doubt fantastic, but I am doubtful I would get results that are similar if I subscribed and remained subscribed for the next 2 years. Seems TGTBT. Has anyone been a subscriber for sometime and able to calm some of these concerns? I am surprised it isn’t on the leaderboard???

On the Grid (Collective2) , if you select “Strategy age >= 200 days” and “Annual return >= 100%” this strategy is #1.

(I am currently working on a Forex system that uses a similar anti-martingale approach, it should be ready on C2 in a few weeks.)

Have you been following the leader for a while? Were the previous strategies also not martingale?

While your comment is relevant, this topic is about a very specific Forex C2 system (Vinculum), not about his previous trading strategies.

One of the previous ones was Vinculum so I am unclear myself. I don’t know if the methods have changed or not.

I guess we will find out soon.

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Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results :smiley:

You are so smart and intelligent :slight_smile:

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Flattery will get you …everywhere ! :wink:

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That’s not flattery, it’s the truth :clap::

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