Forum suggestion for Matthew

Given the recent confusion on the Rocket Science Mini Dow forum, it would be helpful if you can enhance the forum in two ways:

1. make it possible to click on a poster’s alias name and get information on the date the person joined and the number of posts by that person

2. make it possible to look up all posts by a particular person.

This is standard on many other trading-related forums, e.g. Elite Trader, TradeBullet, Wilmott etc.

I agree that something must be done. I love your idea, but I’m afraid that it will be too much work for MK. I think that Ross’ suggestion of identification by credit card is easier. New members who don’t want to give these numbers immediately can perhaps get a status like “Aspired member” (or whathever the proper English term is) for which no ID is required.

An even easier possibility would be to attach a special symbol next to the green P/rating in the header of the post to indicate whether someone has provided credit card information or not.

I wonder what would happen if I try to sign in as Matthew Klein and post a message. I don’t dare to do this because I don’t want to make him angry, but I think it is possible.

well, here’s proof that something needs to be done: I was able to clone “Jules Ellis”. Can’t distinguish it from the original. Even the My Analyst page is an exact copy (I added the word CLONE as a matter of proof). Funny, isn’t it?

Science Trader

Of course I will delete the cloned account after the weekend and I don’t have any intention to abuse this glitch. But I do think it’s needs some attention.

I know, because I have already two accounts with exactly the same name. The one from which I post now is the second one (as you can see I did not make a My Analyst Page for it). But this proves nothing, because I communicated with MK about this, so perhaps he made some exception for me. In fact, I find it convenient to have this possibility, so I don’t ask to change it.

PS. I’ll write a PM to you in a few minutes.

Looks like it can be done for you too…

Jules Ellis

Eh… how do you actually delete an account?

Jules Ellis

yes, but in my case you can see it’s a fake b/c my Monaco system doesn’t appear below my alias.

Good question about how to delete an account…Matthew, can you please delete these two cloned accounts?

Dear Matthew,

Will you please forgive us our sins and delete Jules Ellis’ Science Trader account and Science Trader’s Jules Ellis account?


This might not be so easy as we think, because I know that when Ross deleted his last name, it disappeared from his previous postings too. So the name that is displayed in the post is actively connected to the account. This probably implies that you cannot delete accounts.

Pretty stupid that I didn’t think of this earlier, but via “Edit my account” I can easily change the name of my faked Science Trader account to Jules Ellis and then I’ll just have a third account. It will be shown in the previous posts immediately. I just tried it out, but I reverted it back to Science Trader untill after the weekend. Otherwise it looks like I became insane and am busy talking to myself throughout this thread, imagining that I am Science Trader :slight_smile:


How do we know your Jules?

You don’t.

I mean: You can’t know that. Except that someone must be really desparate to write over my entire My Analyst Page.

I temporarily changed my third account to Matthew Klein, as you can see. I’ll change it back to Science Trader in a few minutes.

Eh… Who am I now?

No problem to call my third account "Matthew Klein (Admin)" either.

Now I am actually talking to myself.

good to see you’re enjoying yourself, Jules.

On a more serious note, I’m wondering what happens if you change the alias to Matthew Klein (Admin) and then send me a message. If the message would appear in my message list with the fake alias, I would find that worrisome. It would be a great opportunity for fishing.

Watch and …

Please let me know on the forum if you received it, because I have now 3 accounts to watch and I want to change the MK alias back to the ST alias asap.

Got it.

And? I suppose it looked like a real MK message (except for the content of course)?