Free Simulated Auto-Trade

The “simulated auto-trade sign-up” banner at the top of my screen reads very clearly . . . “for free.” So I signed up for three futures systems that I was very seriously considering.

And I was then informed by one of the system’s developers that my subscription fee would start shortly.

Is this service really free? Or just free of brokers’ fees?

Can anyone please clarify?


Josh -

C2 will sometimes remind you of the option to try out a system for free… but only when there is a free trial period available for the system. Without knowing the specifics of what you are asking about, I can only guess you were looking at a system with a free trial period. Why don’t you email me privately with the specific details (i.e. system name, what day you looked, etc.) and I will investigate.

You could allways ask for a (temporary) free listing extension for the provider, who knows they might want to help you out.