Advertise on C2 Ticker

My futures system"position futures" made 30% profit since it started 3 days ago.

To advertise my system I bot C2 Ticker on dashboard.

It read as:

"C2 Ticker is sponsored by:

Position futures: +$6,175 since inception; 100.0% winners"

What I complain here is,+$6,175 make little sense, it doesn’t tell people my real performance since it doesn’t tell my account size.If my account initial capital is $100000,+$6,175 is only 6%, while my real performace is 30%.

Can you add an item like +30% since inception 3 days ago?


Wang Wei


You were suppose to tick that one off in the start then, just before you set the ad to life…

This will probably not be fixed before the ad expires, there is around 6000 clicks under 24hrs…

Reckon you have to pay again…


No, I didn’t mean to get a refund.

There was no such option as a profit in percentage term,when I was given the choices. That’s why I post here, hoping they add that item so next time when I buy the AD,I can have an option to show my percentage profit.