Futures orders problem solved

I discovered the reason all futures positions are being closed by C2 as soon as they are opened. The problem was caused by some upgrades I made over the weekend. The problem has now been fixed.

I apologize for the trouble.

Buzo Principle trade:

Opened ET B/S # Symbol Price Closed Price Risk P/L

12/21/09 15:16 BUY 1 @YMH0 10348 12/21 15:16 10349 n/a $5

It also got closed immediately at 15:16. This is after your message.

Is the problem still there?


The problem was solved as I explained in my previous post.

This last case was caused by an old version of software still running on one of the servers. This has now been restarted, all software updated, and the problem (in which C2 thinks certain futures symbols are expiring when in fact they should not be) should not recur. I apologize for the trouble.